Abedons Simba


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Besim and Simba at play

We had Simba since he was a puppy. From that day Simba became an excellent companion. He grew up to be a famous dog; prooving every day that he is an inreplaceable and priceless dog. We owe a lot to this dog; that we can't repay him for what he has done for us from the beginning. He is a very intelligent natural dog that wisely uses his mind, and he is fully trained by me. Simba has never been titled as a SchH dog. His tracking, obediance and protection show that if he ever competes as a SchH dog, he will have the highest points as a SchH 3 dog. I prefered to keep him as a family protection dog. 07/12/2007 Simba left us for ever.RIP my BEST friend.

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Besim Lekovic

54 Little rd
Cell: 845-707-0327


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