Von Montenegro German Shepherds are very personal dogs for me and my family. Our focus is to keep the most original looks, correct sizes, temperament and long healthy lives of our Dogs and Puppies. We do selective breeding by using only the best bloodlines available,and we are avoiding close bloodlines and inline breedings. All of my Dogs are trained by me for my needs and my character, most of my dogs are fully  trained. I used to compete in Dog shows and Schutzhund competitions. If you need to see quality and beauty of my Dogs you are more then welcome to visit us. I’m in the German Shepherds breed for a very long time. My Dogs and I share a strong bond, friendship  and mutual respect. They know me,their attention and focus is on me , they understand my every move and can read me like a book. my German Shepherd line is very unique, beautiful, loyal, very smart and protective. My dogs are fed a mostly Raw diet, consisting of different types of meat and bones (beef, pork, lamb and chicken) along with some dry food as well. Thanks to this diet and exercise, I have never had sick dogs.

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Besim Lekovic

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