Dam: Cicka of Vonmontenegro



Sire:Elmazi’s Maximus
02/16/2024 puppies arrived

 WE are proud to announce our  NEW LITTER sire: Elmazi’s Maximus  and Chicka of Vonmontenegro ( SIMBAS DAUGHTER ) ,We are expecting this puppies to be excellent quality great  strong colors,big bones strong caracter and very smart , 2 males and 2 female are available in this time, for more information please contact me Billy  at 845-707-0327 Thanks , No common ancestry was found in 5 generations, PUPPIES ARE ALL SOLD OUT

Futture breeding in February
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SIRE : Elmazi’s Maximus



Vitales vom Huhnegrab VA1 Garry vom Huhnegrab
V (LGZS) Cheyenne vom Huhnegrab
Terra vom Echezarreta V 74 BSZ Nanuk von Appolonia
Ute della Selva Bruzia


Chicka of Vonmontenegro

Simba of Vonmontenegro Kanto von Kuehnhaus II
Ziva of Vonmontenegro
Hyland’s Chaos Rex of Vonmontenegro
Sheba Canzano